Raj Shah

My name is Rajan Shah and I’ve been a client at Metis Wealth for over eight years.

I wanted help initially with making sure that I leveraged all of my tax allowances and I wanted to ensure that I was diversifying my investments. I wanted to get a better sense of what I should invest with based on my risk appetite.

I heard about Metis Wealth through a very good friend of mine, who recommended them and who had used them. Ever since I’ve used them, I’ve found them to be extremely professional, very responsive, and almost I feel like they have my best interests at heart, as opposed to thinking about their commission, and what they’re going to make.

When I was trying to choose a financial adviser, I looked at several and spoke to several, I ended up choosing Metis Wealth. That’s really because I enjoyed my initial interactions with Simon Arthur, who was the lead adviser for me at Metis Wealth.

The most recent thing that Metis Wealth have helped me with has been my retirement planning. I was recently made redundant and I could’ve gone back to work. But instead Metis actually showed me the light in terms of the investments I’ve made over several years, which meant that I didn’t need to go back if I didn’t want to.

I feel safe working with Simon and Metis Wealth, I feel my investments are in really good hands. I feel that they add a personal touch, which maybe some of the larger investment advisor firms wouldn’t provide.

In terms of my financial future, I do feel that it’s in good, safe hands. I feel I get regular advice, we do regularly change our investments, etc. We’re proactive about doing that with the help of Simon and Metis.

If I wasn’t working with Metis Wealth, I don’t think I’d feel as confident about my financial future.

The best piece of advice that Simon’s been able to give me has really been to make sure as well as making my investments to maintain a steady cash-flow for unforeseen circumstances. Having just been made redundant, that’s really come to the fore and has stood me in good stead.

Some of the words I’ve used to describe Metis Wealth would be professional, high integrity, really client focused, and very, very good at what they do.

The best thing about working with Metis I think is, how customer focused and responsive they are, I’ve had to call them and needed advice pretty quickly when my circumstances have changed, and they’ve just been there for us every time.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Metis Wealth, given some turbulence that I’ve been through and unexpected things that I’ve experienced, just to have them and Simon Arthur there by my side. They’ve really helped me navigate those kind of turbulent times really well.

I feel safe working with Simon, my investments are in good hands

Raj Shah