Nick Potts

My name is Nick Potts, I have been a client of Metis Wealth pretty much since they first started.

The aspiration was that I wanted to retire at the age of 60 and I needed to ensure that I had the correct financial planning in place to enable me to do that, and the correct pension setup, which I didn’t have at the time that I joined them.

Metis Wealth were referred to me by my previous financial advisory firm who were actually selling their business and closing down. When I asked them for recommendations as to what I should do next, they suggested Metis Wealth.

I did look at other firms and do my due diligence within the marketplace. The reason that I chose Metis Wealth was principally on personal relationship, in that I felt that the financial adviser who was going to be working with me was someone that I could trust completely, and that’s important when it involves your money.

The first thing that Metis Wealth advised me on was the fact that I hadn’t got any pensions protection in place. This was important and actually, I had lost out through not having the right advice previously. In putting pensions protection in place, I was able to safeguard a financial limit that was important to me. Over the years, I’ve been provided with sound investment advice as to what to do with my funds and how best to manage them.

I retired last April and was in a position where I had some funding available and had to decide when and if to draw my pensions. Metis Wealth provided me with the correct advice in terms of how to use my existing financial position to the best and most tax advantageous result.

I feel that I will have a comfortable retirement which has always been an important financial desire for me.

The three words I would use to describe Metis Wealth are confident, secure, and caring.

The best thing about working with Metis Wealth is the personal relationship that I built with our financial advisor, which embeds a degree of trust for me in how we work together.

I would recommend Metis Wealth and indeed have done so to several colleagues before I retired from IBM.

Thanks to Metis Wealth, I was able to retire comfortably

Nick Potts