Alice Chapman & Rob Booth

Rob: Hello, my name is Rob. This is my wife, Alice and we’ve been a client at Metis for three years.

Alice: One of my colleagues suggested that a financial planner might be a good idea. Our issue, at that stage, was that we’d never actually done any financial planning. While we had some assets and income, we’d not thought about the shape of that, or what it might look like in the future. We had so many different accounts, it was all a bit of a mess, really. So, we thought somebody might be able to help us tidy that up. And, in particular, think about how we would manage our pensions.

Rob: Joel came through a recommendation of a colleague of Alice’s. We met him and he was really impressive and helpful from the off. We felt he was someone we could work with, and he added so much value in that first session alone.

Alice: Joel has helped us a great deal. When we got in touch with him, our finances were fine, but they were really messy. We had no game plan for how to fund our retirement. We didn’t have a sense of our overall financial position and how this would affect our futures. But he sorted all that out. It’s now really clear to us where we stand, what the future is going to look like, and what we can do to maintain that. I have to say it’s been pretty life-changing.

Rob: Working with Joel has relieved some anxiety about our financial futures. We’re reassured that, under all circumstances, we now have a game plan for how to manage them. That is quite liberating.

Alice: If we weren’t working with Joel, or somebody of his calibre, it’s unlikely we’d feel as confident as we do about the future.

Rob: The best thing about working with Joel and Metis Wealth has been optimising our financial position and improving our financial resources. But alongside that, Joel is a nice person to work with. He’s very approachable, responsive, easy to get along with, and can explain some pretty complicated financial issues in terms that we can both understand.

Alice: A few words I might use to describe Joel and Metis are keen (he’s incredibly keen!), knowledgeable, easygoing and approachable.

Rob: I’d happily recommend Joel and Metis Wealth to other people because they really know their business. They understand the complicated issues around tax and financial planning, and they’re very responsive and understanding of different clients’ situations. Joel really grasped what we’re looking for and why, and that’s produced a really important result for us.

We wouldn’t feel confident about our financial future if it wasn't for Joel.

Alice Chapman & Rob Booth