Alan & Judith Davies

Alan: I’m Alan, and this is my wife, Judith. We’ve been clients of Metis Wealth since the middle of 2019.

Judith: We needed the services of a financial planner because I was about to retire, and we thought we needed some help, rather than try and do it on our own.

Alan: Metis Wealth took us through the process of really understanding our goals, what we wanted to achieve, our spending at current levels, how much money we wanted, and the sort of things we want wanted to do.

Judith: The biggest change since we started working with Metis Wealth is about when we chose to retire. If we hadn’t spoken to Metis, I probably would have retired anyway and stopped working, but they helped us advise Alan that he was also in a financial position to retire. Now we’re both retired and not working.

Alan: If we’d looked at retiring without such good advice, I would’ve probably worked for at least another two years, used the final salary pension, and remained unaware of all the other options and their complexity. It really did help me give up work two years earlier than expected.

Our advisor at Metis Wealth is Graham Weller. He’s got a great sense of humour, and is very knowledgeable, calm, and relaxed, which made us feel relaxed. These are pretty big decisions, but he took us through them step-by-step and made sure that we were absolutely comfortable and gave us all the options. After we decided to go ahead with the plan we’d agreed on, it all went smoothly, from the time we first decided until Judith retired in July and I did in the September.

Judith: The best thing about working with Graham and Metis Wealth is the trust. When you’re looking at all these financial things, you could just retire on your own and do your own thing. But it can be quite complicated, all the ins and outs of what you can and can’t do. I don’t think we would have understood that without their and Graham’s help.

Alan: Retiring two years earlier has made me feel great, to be honest. We get to do lots of things we want to do. We don’t worry about getting up and going to work in the morning. We’ve had a great time so far. I know the pandemic’s been on and we haven’t been to travel as much, but we’re both pretty relaxed now and just enjoying life.

Judith: The three words I’d use to describe Metis Wealth are professional, friendly and trustworthy.

Alan: I would absolutely recommend Graham and Metis Wealth to friends and family because they’re very good at what they do. You can trust their advice and they’re very thorough. I’d have no problems whatsoever in pointing someone in their direction if they found themselves in a similar situation to us – ready to retire, but not quite sure when and how to do it.

Metis Wealth have enabled us to retire early, now we can just enjoy our lives.

Alan & Judith Davies